NIA says Jamaicans should get updates on investigations into acts of corruption

A call is being made for policy makers to revisit the law which prohibits the Integrity Commission from providing updates to the public on investigations into corruption.

The call is being made by Anti-corruption watchdog, National Integrity Action (NIA).

Following calls for updates on various corruption investigations, the Integrity Commission issued a statement, declaring that it will not break the law to satisfy persons calling for progress reports on its probes.

NIA Executive Director Professor Trevor Munroe says Jamaicans should not be kept in the dark about investigations into acts of corruption.
“We are increasingly alarmed and Jamaicans are very concerned that they don’t know what is going on. Ultimatley, the law, which prohibits revealing of where particular investigations are , the policy makers need to look into that to see if there is need for an amendment. Because people left in the dark cannot serve the interest of exposing the corrupt and prosecuting them where necessary ….”

He also maintains that the Integrity Commission should inform the public about the process of establishing the body as a functioning entity.

“The commissioners were appointed n February and indicated that they would have an implementation plan by September, which is now. I am not asking them to break the law, but to simply inform the public  as to where they are in fully establishing the body so that it may expeditiously pursue the investigations …. It is to the public that they are ultimately accountable,” he said. 


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