NIA wants more answers concerning Petrojam

Dr. Patrece Charles, Deputy Executive Director, National Integrity Action


There are more questions being asked of Prime Minister Andrew Holness about his statements in the House of Representatives Tuesday concerning the controversial separation payments made to two former senior managers at Petrojam.

Dr. Patrece Charles, Deputy Executive Director of National Integrity Action (NIA), has characterised the issue as one of trust.

It was revealed during Tuesday’s meeting of Parliament's Public Accounts Committee that the Petrojam board had approved payments of more than $16 million to the former General Manager and the Human Resources Manager.

Another point of controversy was the non-disclosure agreements which bar the release of details of  the separation agreements.

 Mr Holness addressed the matter later in the day during the sitting of the House of Representatives, but his answers were not sufficient for NIA.

“We’re insisting that the minister responsible – who is the prime minister – answers to the public and to the parliamentary committee,” Dr. Charles declared during Tuesday’s edition of RJR’s Beyond the Headlines.

Responding to the prime minister’s assertion that the issues involved did not constitute corruption, she countered that “you’re feeding the perception of corruption when there’s a lack of transparency and accountability.”

The withholding of information was “fostering discontent in the public… the public will believe that you’re hiding something,” she added


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