NIA weighs in on arrest of Trelawny mother who tried to report son's abuse to police

National Integrity Action (NIA) has weighed in on the arrest and charge of a Trelawny mother after she went to the Clarks Town Police station to report the alleged assault of her seven year son at the Clarks Town Primary School.
Police Commissioner George Quallo, has instructed the Inspectorate of Constabulary to investigate the incident which led to her arrest as there have been charges and countercharges.
Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of the NIA, wants the Commissioner to go a step further.
In an open letter to the Commissioner, which was sent to the media Monday morning, Professor Munroe called for him to closely monitor the collection of evidence in the matter, apply exemplary punishment to any officer found to be in breach and initiate a general review of  police procedures and protocols for interacting with the public.
Professor Munroe expressed outrage at the incident, arguing that the responses from the Jamaica Constabulary Force have left much to be desired. 
The woman has reported that she was not allowed to give her report on at least two occasions when she visited the police station.
She has also denied behaving boisterously within the precincts of  the station and a nearby court which the Trelawny police said led to her arrest.
Professor Munroe said if this is found to be true, the actions of the police in question should be taken as a of serious abuse of power, lack of humanity and regard for the perceived rights of the mother, and general insensitivity.

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