No decision yet on Negril breakwater plan - PIOJ

The Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) has declared that no decision has been made regarding a breakwater system to stem beach erosion in Negril, Westmoreland. Tourism interests have opposed the suggestion.
Claire Bernard, Deputy Director General of the PIOJ, told stakeholders at the Climate Investment Fund's Partnership Forum in Montego Bay, St James on Tuesday that the matter was still being discussed.      
Hoteliers last month rejected the breakwater plan, which would involve boulders being placed in the sea to reduce the intensity of  wave action.  They have suggested the dumping of  sand to rebuild the coastline.
"It's one segment of the community that is opposing the project," she said, adding that those in opposition believe the resources can be utilised for an alternative solution.

That was not possible, however, she said, explaining that "the fiduciary responsibilities require the resources to be spent in a particular way, and in accordance with the approved project."

Accordingly, she said, "we are not able to hand (over) the resources for implementation of activities that were not approved by the Adaptation Fund Board."

Another meeting will be held with residents on Friday.

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