No need for independent body to probe disposal of neonates at KPH morgue - Tufton

Dr. Christopher Tufton
Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has said there is no need at this time for an independent body to probe the improper disposal of the bodies of neonates stored at the Kingston Public Hospital morgue.
The probe is being conducted by the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA).
Dr. Dayton Campbell, Opposition Spokesman on Health, has taken issue with the investigation being led by the authority, arguing that an independent body would ensure that the probe is conducted in a transparent manner.
However, Dr. Tufton has that issue is "not worthy of consideration at this time."
"I think it's too early a call, it's too extreme a call. I would certainly advise him to be patient and to allow the process to take its course. When that is completed, if there is a view that there may be some other issues and we need to do something else, then I'm more than prepared to do additional work," the minister responded.   
Dr. Tufton also dismissed complaints from the Opposition that the probe is taking too long, noting that SERHA should be allowed enough time to complete its investigation.
"What I don't want to happen is for it to be rushed and when it's rushed, you get piecemeal let's give them a little time," he urged. 

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