NROCC negotiating discounts for motorists on some highways

Ivan Anderson
The National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC) says special discounts for motorists are being discussed with the operators of some highways in Jamaica.
This was outlined Tuesday when Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) discussed the entity's operations.
Ivan Anderson, CEO of NROCC, said the call has been renewed for the operators to provide late night discounts among other incentives on certain segments of the highways.
However, he explained that the decision falls solely with the operators. 
"A reduction in tolls is only beneficial to the extent that the revenues increase faster. So if you reduce tolls by 10 per cent, you have to get more than 10 per cent traffic in order to compensate for the reduction in toll revenue," he outlined.  
Mr. Anderson disclosed that revenue enhancing plans for the highways are also being explored. 
"The areas for bringing on new traffic onto the highway, for opening up new exits and entrances, some of those have been done and we continue to have those discussions," he announced. 
NROCC was established more than a decade ago to implement the Highway 2000 project.
Self sufficient
Meanwhile, during Tuesday's meeting of the PAC, it was revealed that NROCC can only remain self sufficient for another two years.
The Committee was told that the entity was able to cover the cost of its daily operations via cash generated from investments.
Mr. Anderson said even with Government support, NROCC will require additional funding by 2020. 
He disclosed that it is not expected that NROCC will begin to profit from the East West Highway until 2022.

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