NWA assessing damage to Portland due to heavy rains

Some roads in Portland which were affected by flood waters following two days of  heavy rain have been re-opened.

As the National Workers Agency (NWA) continues to assess the damage to several roads,the agency says the swing bridge which links the communities of  Cornwall Barracks and Ginger House in the Rio Grande Valley was washed away last night.

The river, which overflowed its banks, flooded several farms and left silt on the Fellowship to Berrydale road.

St. Thomas is also being impacted by the rain.

Meanwhile, the Office of  Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is urging persons in eastern parishes to remain alert to the possibility of  flooding as a trough continues to influence weather conditions across the island. 

The Meteorological Service has advised that a Flash Flood Warning for low-lying and flood prone areas of  eastern parishes is in effect as a trough passes across Jamaica. 

The ODPEM is urging persons residing in these parishes to adhere to flood safety tips as the forecast is for unstable weather conditions to persist across the island today. 

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