NWA synchronising traffic lights in Mobay to address road congestion

The National Works Agency (NWA) is seeking to address road congestion in Montego Bay, St. James, by synchronising traffic signals throughout the city. 
The system is to be connected to central monitoring centres which will be aided by ten traffic monitoring cameras.
The NWA says this should result in a smoother flow of traffic through the city since signal operators will be able to make real time adjustments to the time lights remain on green based on traffic volume.
The NWA adds that before the system comes fully on stream, an extensive study of traffic patterns will be undertaken over a two week period, following which adjustments will be made to the timing of the signals. 
This is to be followed by a second evaluation, to identify areas for possible improvements. 
The authorities say traffic snarl throughout the city has resulted in the loss of valuable man hours since commuters suffer lengthy delays en route to work. 
They say the problem worsens on days when cruise ships call at the port and it is especially frustrating when it rains.

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