NWA teams clearing St. Thomas roads blocked by landslides

Teams from the National Works Agency are now working to clear the Middleton to Spring Garden and Hillside main roads in St. Thomas that are blocked by landslides.
The agency says that all other roads in the parish are opened to vehicular traffic.

Meanwhile, in a statement Friday morning, the NWA said 90 per cent of all roads which were reported impassable earlier this week have been cleared.   
In Portland, the NWA is still assessing a section of the Manchioneal main road which has been damaged by floodwaters, as heavy rains continue to affect the parish.
The Vanity Fair to Tavern Hill road in St. Catherine remains impassable as well as the Sports Park to Post Road which was blocked by landslides on Thursday night.   
The NWA continues to urge motorists to proceed with extreme caution along affected roads as it continues to rain in sections of Clarendon, St. Catherine and Portland.  

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