NWA under fire for gridlock in the Corporate Area

Already taking a battering from fuming members of the public, the National Works Agency (NWA) has also come under fire from the political apparatus.
Mikael Phillips, Opposition Spokesman on Transport, is lamenting that some of the factors which led to Monday's gridlock in the Corporate Area could have been avoided or controlled.
Thousands of motorists clogged the capital and were delayed in many instances for hours. Some who spoke with RJR News described delays of up to three hours for journeys which would normally take a fraction of that time.
The gridlock came as the NWA's system got its first full test when it restricted traffic in the Three Miles area, and with all schools being fully reopened.
Mr. Phillips believes the Works Agency could have made adjustments long before now.
Meanwhile, the National Works Agency has announced modifications following Monday's analysis of traffic flow in sections of the Corporate Area.
NWA Communication Manager Stephen Shaw stated that, based on reviews conducted by engineers and the police, a major source of the delays was the unruly behaviour by some motorists. The NWA and the police have decided to restrict movement along Gretna Green Avenue.
In addition, access to Waltham Park Road, through the Total gas station at the intersection of Waltham Park Road and Gretna Green Avenue, will also be restricted. Other changes include limitations being placed on vehicular traffic along Hagley Park Road from the direction of the Hagley Park Road intersection towards Half Way Tree.
The NWA added that JUTC buses and franchise operators will be allowed to use Olympic Way and Bay Farm Road to access Spanish Town Road. Openings in the median along Spanish Town Road, between Majestic Gardens and Penwood Road, will be closed. 


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