NWC faced with major challenges along Washington Boulevard/Molynes Road


The National Water Commission (NWC), has acknowleged that the major distribution problems affecting several communities in the Washington Boulevard and Molynes Road area could last for some time longer.
NWC President Mark Barnett, states that the issues are significant and will require more time to resolve.
He was responding yesterday to questions on Beyond The Headlines, to complaints from the area about a complete disruption of water supply to the area for nearly two weeks.
The area experienced severe distuption up to late last year due to the shut down of Ferry system following a major break in the pipeline, and extensive road works on the Mandela Highway.
He said that the problems relate to equipment and electricity.
”We’ve been having a massive amount of power fluctuations , one of our wells also went down and that has also been compounded that the Molynes Road boaster that serves the northern side, we had some breakdown at that facility.”
Concerning the time line for the expected long term solution, he said everything should be completed by the second week in March.”

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