NWC-NWA compensation talks should be completed within a month, says NWC official

Garth Jackson, Vice President, National Water Commission


The National Water Commission (NWC) says by next month it should have completed discussions with the National Works Agency regarding compensation for losses incurred due to major road works in the Corporate Area.

On Friday Aubyn Hill, Chairman of the NWC, disclosed that the entity has so far racked up $185 million in lost revenue due to disruptions caused by the road works.

Garth Jackson, Vice President for Engineering and Capital Projects at the NWC, told RJR News on Monday that talks regarding compensation were proceeding and should be concluded within four weeks.

“We’ve compiled the repair costs for the various leaks… and we will continue the deliberations with the NWA to see how best we can be reimbursed for the additional costs we have incurred for the leaks,” he said.


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