NWC preparing to sue 36 delinquent customers

Charles Buchanan, NWC Corporate Communications Manager
The National Water Commission (NWC) is stepping up pressure on its delinquent customers and persons who steal water.
In a news release Wednesday afternoon, the NWC said civil lawsuits are being prepared for 36 delinquent customers in the eastern end of the island.
NWC Corporate Communications Manager Charles Buchanan said other individuals are before the courts for stealing water.
In May, the Commission had undertaken several activities in eastern sections of the island which led to 14 people being prosecuted for the illegal use of water after more than 200 illegal connections were discovered. 
Mr. Buchanan said 1,963 inactive accounts were also identified in the operations and are being pursued since they owe the Commission about $187 million. 
In addition, 641 notice letters were served and 403 accounts were back-charged after illegal connections were found on their property. 

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