NWC repairing broken main on Mandela Highway

The National Water Commission (NWC) has begun work to repair the broken main on Mandela Highway.
The broken main has resulted in no water in some communities along Washington Boulevard and surrounding communities as well as a traffic congestion.
NWC President Mark Barnett told RJR News that the main should be repaired by Tuesday night and water will be restored to affected customers.

"We have excavated the area and unearthed the pipe that has been broken. We are in the process of completing some fabrication work as to the section that will be replaced (so we) hope that we will be able to complete somewhere around 8/9 o'clock this evening and thereafter, begin to have normal water supply restored and the area restored for normal access," he said on Beyond the Headlines

Earlier, Mr. Barnett had explained that the pipe broke due to pressure caused by construction now underway along the Mandela Highway.

Traffic on Mandela Highway

In the meantime, the police are maintaining a presence along the Mandela Highway after the broken water main impeded traffic on Monday and Tuesday morning.
Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, head of the Highway and Traffic Division says traffic remains heavy in the area but is flowing.

"The west-bound traffic (going out of the Corporate Area) is heavy but flowing steadily... In fact, the west-bound lanes were not affected by what transpired with the broken main. It is the east-bound lane that has been seriously affected and so we are also monitoring the whole aspect of the repairs that (are) being done, tantamount to what goes for tomorrow morning for the east-bound flow," he explained.

SSP Allen said if the repairs are not complete by Tuesday night as projected, the police will employ similar measures of assisting the flow of traffic on Wednesday.

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