Opposition blocked from tabling questions about mobile provider Caricel

A plan by the Opposition to table questions in the House of  Representatives on the telecommunications licence granted to Symbiote Investments, which trades as mobile phone provider Caricel, has stalled.
Opposition Spokesman on Information, Julian Robinson, was expected to table the questions yesterday. However, he was stopped in his tracks.
"I was advised that because there is an ongoing court matter, the questions could not be tabled because the questions would be prejudicial to the court case," Robinson told RJR News.
He said this was a position with which he disagreed, and accordingly, "I will have to find other avenues to get those questions, which I believe are in the public intertest, out there for the Government to answer."
The Symbiote licence was granted despite disapproval from the Contractor General and has come under additional scrutiny from the US Embassy which has revoked the visas of some officials of Caricel. The Supreme Court will rule on January 24 whether to grant an injunction blocking the revocation or suspension of the licence.         

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