Opposition calls for indicators to determine targets met in ZOSOs

Dr. Peter Phillips
In the wake of an extension of the Zones of Special Operations, the Parliamentary Opposition is calling for the government to publicly state the indicators that will determine when anti-crime targets have been met in Denham Town and Mount Salem.
Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips, who raised the concerns, questioned whether the end of a clear phase of the ZOSO would be when all violence producers are detained or when all weaponry identified by the security forces is removed.  
"When will the country know when we have come to the end of the whole phase, and by what measures will we be able to know when one ZOSO can come to an end and we move on to the other phase?" he asked. 
Dr. Phillips also expressed concern that the Zones of Special Operations could have a ripple effect on safety and security in other communities.
He argued that "given the intensive use of manpower of the security forces" in areas declared zones of special operations, other adjoining communities will not be able to be policed to the degree that is necessary.  
The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved the extension of the Zones of Special Operations in Denham Town, Kingston and Mount Salem, St. James for a further 60 days.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the extension is necessary because there is no quick fix to stemming crime.


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