Opposition calls for restitution for lavish parties staged by Petrojam

Phillip Paulwell
The Opposition has demanded that restitution be made concerning expenses incurred for two lavish parties staged by Petrojam.
Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell has demanded that, in addition to a forensic audit, funds spent on the parties should be repaid.
The Auditor General's report revealed that the two surprise parties were held three months apart for then Energy Minister Dr. Andrew Wheatley, and former Petrojam Chairman Perceval Bahado-Singh at a cost of $2.6 million.
The report described the parties as being of a personal and private nature and having nothing to do with the operations of Petrojam.
Mr. Paulwell argued that, while there are other things which require further investigation, this particular breach warrants a repayment. 
He elaborated on the position on RJR's Beyond The Headlines on Wednesday, arguing that he believes "Dr. Wheatley has to speak about this issue of the parties and...there has to be full restitution there."  
He added that Dr. Wheatley should be held to account for the conduct of his board directors. 
Mr. Paulwell acknowledged that some of the issues uncovered by the audit were in existence from the time he was Minister of Energy.
However, he insisted that things were put in place to prevent them from happening again. 

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