Opposition leader says business owners could have a legal case against the state

Lamenting that some businesses have gone out of  operation as a result of disruption from major road work projects in the Corporate Area and the associated water woes, Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips has declared business owners could have a legal case against the government.
Dr. Phillips was making his presentation in the budget debate yesterday during which he accused the government of  gross mismanagement of  the infrastructural projects.
He said lack of  coordination has left hundreds of  thousands of  residents in the Corporate Area without regular access to water.
"We  have been spending time over the last few months, getting water trucked to schools , to residential communities.... quite frankly, I believe  there is a case for legal action not be taken by those businesses against the state .Some of them have gone out of operation."
The opposition leader also made reference to the closure of  gas stations  , b the relocation of businesses and others that have had to operate on an itinerant basis.
"That is not management - that is damagement .... who would contemplate locking down every major thoroughfare in the place at one time....?
Phillips was making his contribution to the 2019/2020 budget debate in Parliament yesterday.

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