Opposition leader urges government to change crime fighting strategy

There appears to be a slim chance that the escalating political dispute over the pending termination of  the States of  Emergency could be resolved.

The opposition People's National Party (PNP), has outlined specific conditions which must be met and maintained before it re-engages its support for a further extension.

Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips is insisting that even if  the States of  Emergency end, there are exisiting laws which enable the security forces to continue their operations.

He argues that after one year the government must change its strategy.

Yesterday he named the conditions for re-engagement while speaking on Beyond The Headlines. 

“There are circumstances if one can demonstrate as the constitution requires, that there is a substantial threat to the survival of this state that would warrant such a declaration in that area or in other areas. We are not sayign that we would not consider a state of emergency ever again.”

He also responded to the concern being raised that the PNP took a political decision to vote against the security measures and betrayed the people.

“I think that they are really operating on the basis of a misunderstanding. If their view is that nothing can be done without a state of emergency to uphold the law and deliver peace, then it could be a mistaken view. The view that only a state of emergency counts, has been fostered by some, including the government and it is really a false dilemma,” the opposition leader said.                                                                      -

Meanwhile,  attorney-at-law Clyde Williams is asserting that there is a great risk that the controversy and debate over the PNP's decision to vote against an extension, could detract from what the government needs to do at this time.

He wants the energy to be focused on the legal avenues available for the security forces to achieve the same objectives as they are now under the States of  Emergency.


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