Opposition questions "integrity" of Integrity Commission

The Opposition People's National Party (PNP) says the trustworthiness of  the Integrity Commission could be compromised by its continued silence in relation to the Prime Minister's statutory declarations. 

Pressure has been mounting on the Commission to publish the summary report on the filings by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The details of  the earnings and other financial information for Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips were published in the media more than two weeks ago.

However, there's been no word on the Prime Minister's filings despite his promise it would have been published a week ago.

PNP general secretary Julian Robinson says this is unacceptable and the Integrity Commission must speak now.

“We’ve heard nothing on about the Prime Minister’s own declaration. We Don’t know if it has been passed by the Integrity Commission  or whether there are issues with it and the Integrity Commission remains silent. I think that there own integrity will be called into question if they don’t make a statement on this particular issue.”

Robinson also said that the current situation is “unprecedented”.

“Every week we hear that the report is going to be done this week .We have heard that for the last three weeks and yet nothing has come out . He has remained silent - which is totally unacceptable and the Integrity Commission has remained silent. I think that he as the head of government , he should himself, indicate what the state of his report is. Has he answered all the questions …. It is quite frankly scandalous that for the first time in our history, we have a Prime Minister whose own integrity report cannot me cleared by the commission .This is unprecedented in Jamaica,” Robinson stated. 


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