Opposition says bill to acquire Venezuela’s stake in Petrojam derserves proper scrutiny

Opposition Senator, Dr. Floyd Morris, is sharing more information on the reasons behind yesterday's walkout of  the Upper House of  Parliament during the debate on the bill to acquire Venezuela's 49 per cent stake in Petrojam.

He has acknowledged that the bill was of  high national importance and deserved proper scrutiny, but he maintains that the circumstances placed opposition senators at a disadvantage.

The observation has been made that the opposition could have remained in the Senate and placed on record its concerns about the Bill.

Senator Morris responded while speaking on Beyond The Headlines.

“Senator Knight who sat beside me, left and went outside as he was trying to catch up on the bill to see what the provisions are. He said he was having a difficulty in terms of making sense of the bill. He said as he read through it he saw a number of constitutional issues that he would have had to check in order to make a meaningful contribution. It wouldn’t have made sense to continue...”

 Morris lamented that a law is going to be implemented without facing any scrutiny or political test.

 “It’s a very unfortunate piece of legislation that is taking away the assets of an investment company. We don’t know what are the contents of that evaluation report. I’m certain that the members of government who passed the bill en bloc after we left, didn’t have any questions......” he said.



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