Opposition Senator questions capacity of Integrity Commission

Opposition Senator Lambert Brown is questioning the capacity of  the Integrity Commission to carry out the many investigations it is required to.

He raised the issue yesterday as the Senate examined the Appropriations Bill and pointed to several recent allegations, including at Petrojam, about which the Commission has said nothing.


“Are we able to , with the current resources be able to detect these things? The answer is no - because these are all acts of corruptiong that are not detected by the Integrity Commission . I’m not blaming the Integrity Commission - I’m just raising the question - are they able to do the things that they need to do?

Meanwhile, Senator Brown is demanding answers about why the Integrity Commission has not released the findings of  a probe which has reportedly been completed.

That probe relates to the Government's sale of  a beach front property in Ocho Rios, St Ann, allegedly without due regard to valuation reports. 

In April 2017, Mexican luxury hotel group, Palace Resorts, acquired the Rooms on the Beach property for an undisclosed sum after working out a deal with the Urban Development Corporation (UDC).

The Senator noted that despite his repeated requests through the parliament for an update there has been no response from the Integrity Commission.

Senate President Tom Tavares Finson promised to have the record of  Senator Brown's request forwarded to the Commission.



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