Opposition senators reject motion to conclude debate on acquisition of Venezuela's Petrojam stake

Opposition senators Floyd Morris and Lambert Brown
Some Opposition members of the Senate Friday morning declared that they would not be supporting the motion to have the debate on the bill for the compulsory acquisition of Venezuela's 49 per cent stake in Petrojam, concluded today.
Floyd Morris was the first to present his argument after Kamina Johnson Smith, Leader of Government Business in the Senate, indicated that the bill will be debated and taken through all its stages.
He stressed that more time should be given for the members to review the bill. 
"I want to get the opportunity to peruse the bill, to check with the arguments that have been expressed elsewhere and come to an informed position on a bill of this magnitude. It cannot be, Mr. President, that we are going to be tabling this bill today..." he contended. 
The bill was passed in House of Representatives on Tuesday.
The Government has said Venezuela can still avoid compulsory acquisition if it signs a sale agreement before the end of the debate on the Bill in the Senate.                            
Opposition Senator Lambert Brown called for the debate to be suspended for one week. 
Opposition senators are at this time still presenting their arguments against the motion.
The Senate has voted 12-6 to proceed with the debate on the bill for the compulsory acquisition of Venezuela's stake in Petrojam to its conclusion.

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