Opposition still pushing for forensic audit at Petrojam to determine source of oil losses


Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell has disagreed with a call for the government to scrap plans for a forensic audit of the massive oil losses at Petrojam.

John Levy, General Secretary of the Union of Clerical, Administrative and Supervisory Employees, has declared that the audit would be a waste of time and money, throwing doubt on the authenticity of the allegation of theft.

According to Mr. Levy, it would require the cooperation of too many workers to steal oil from the refinery.

He suggested the government should instead hire an expert to make recommendations to reduce the oil losses.

Mr. Paulwell has countered however with the view that the audit would be useful even if it finds that there was no theft.

“If it is that it is established that it (the oil loss) wasn’t as a result of theft, let us take it from that point to getting the experts who can delve down further into these losses, to be able to provide sufficient answers,” he said.

An Auditor General report on Petrojam revealed that the entity could not account for more than half  a million barrels of  oil worth more than 5 billion dollars.



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