Opposition wants report on KPH breaches to be made public

Dr. Dayton Campbell and Dr. Christopher Tufton


Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr. Dayton Campbell is calling for the findings of the investigation into the improper disposal of the bodies of two neonates at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) to be made public.

The investigation was led by Dr. Patrece Charles Freeman, a director of the board of the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA).

In an interview with The Sunday Gleaner, Dr Charles Freeman said the probe found that one of the bodies had been at the morgue for more than a year.

Additionally, the bodies of babies were being stored in a manner not in keeping with standard morgue operations.

Many procedural breaches were also detected.

On Tuesday morning, Dr. Campbell told RJR News that he was still concerned that the investigation was carried out by SERHA and argued that all stakeholders need to be privy to the information.

“There seemed to have been several breaches at the facility and we would like to know what measures are being put in place and what timeline is going to be there for these measures to be implemented, and once we’ve gotten that information we can take it from there,” he said.

He added that the administrative breaches which have been found support his view that SERHA should not have been involved in the investigation as it is responsible for KPH.

The supervisor and other personnel from the morgue were interdicted to facilitate investigations into the discovery of the bodies of the neonates in May.

Some confidential information
In the meantime, Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton was unable to say whether the findings of the SERHA investigation will be made public as there are aspects of the report which contain confidential information.
Dr. Tufton said he has accepted the findings.
He disclosed that corrective measures have been implemented. 
"...Records were just not properly kept and therefore, where breaches occurred in terms of accounting for the inventory or the bodies that were there, then those breaches would not be picked up because of the poor record keeping. So I know that they have moved swiftly to institute a much better record keeping arrangement and that, of course, will benefit better accountability, more transparancy," he asserted. 
He said changes have also been made to the storage of bodies, including the acquisition of the appropriate freezer.
It was found that the neonates were being stored in a deep freezer and not a cadaver refrigerator which is the standard.
Dr. Tufton said based on the findings of the probe, he has requested other Regional Health Authorities to conduct similar investigations. 


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