Outrage following meeting between police and reckless driver

Some members of  the public have expressed outrage following yesterday's meeting between the police and a man identified as the driver of  a car which was seen on video doing stunts on a road in the Corporate Area.

A reaction has also come from Vice-chairman of  the National Road Safety Council, Dr Lucien Jones, who is disturbed at the event. 

The matter originated with a video posted on social media, of  a black Mercedes Benz doing stunts at the intersection of  Dunrobin Avenue and Dukharan Avenue in St Andrew.

The police issued a notice for the driver to turn himself  in, and yesterday he met with cops and apologised to the public.

The controversy comes mainly from the fact that the driver was not charged with any offence under the Road Traffic Act.

Persons have also been venting on social media that the treatment of  the driver is different from ordiinary motorists who are prosecuted daily for minor traffic infringements.

According to Dr. Jones, he would have taken a different approach if  he had the power.

“I saw the video, I was deeply disturbed by what happened. If it was left up to me - I would have thrown the book at him - the driver, that is. Because what he was doing was reckless and dangerous and he could have easily harmed himself, pedestrians and others, quite easily,” said Jones, who was speaking in an interview with RJR News. 

However, despite that position, Dr Jones is expressing an understanding of  the approach taken by the police in not prosecuting the driver.

He states that the new head of  the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, Assistant Commissioner Gary Welsh, appears to be using a different strategy.

“This will last for a short time, I think it is sending a message - that “I am new in town, I am not soft, I am forgiving,” this new phase will end pretty quickly and then he will be justified in taking the action that most people would have deemed necessary,” Jones said. 



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