Over 50 persons detained in Westmoreland during CTOC operation

The Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch (CTOC) is expecting a reduction in criminal activities in Westmoreland following Wednesday's major operation in the parish during which 56 persons were detained. 

Nine members of  the Kings Valley gang were nabbed during the operation in the communities of  Kings Valley and Peggy Barry. 

Head of  CTOC, Assistant Commissioner Fitz Bailey, says the operation targeted criminals in Westmoreland.

“The objective of the operation was not just to identify gang members but to disrupt the activities of cirminals within thatspace as well as to reassure the citizens. We believe that with the arrest of these persons, you should see a reduction in crime and we must point out that we are committed to go where the criminals are and to wherever the evidence leads,” said Bailey who was speaking yesterday at a media briefing .


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