PAAC member says committee being sidetracked

PAAC member Leslie Campbell
Leslie Campbell, a member of Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC), has vowed to ensure that the committee comply with the Standing Orders in its probe of agencies under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy.
He has again taken issue with the direction of the committee meetings.
Mr. Campbell, who is the Member of Parliament for St. Catherine North Eastern, said he raised his concerns with PAAC Chairman Dr. Wykeham McNeill at Wednesday's meeting.
The committee has been probing the operations of National Energy Solutions Limited (NESol) and the Universal Service Fund (USF).
Addressing a divisional meeting in his constituency Thursday night, Mr. Campbell said it was clear that there was a group of what he called 'operatives' attempting to create a diversion. 
"The law says you can only deal with what Parliament has referred to you, and they went into all kinds of contortions to try and...lecture me as to what that means," he contended. 
According to Mr. Campbell, at least 16 members of Parliament must move a motion referring a particular matter to the PAAC before it can be discussed.
He argued that the PAAC sittings have been taking the wrong approach to issues and is failing to stick to its core duty. 
"All kinds of allegations about who is what and opinions being expressed as fact; no witnesses are sworn, but you are in the middle of making enquiries of the people...and we get them there, we ask of them little questions which doesn't assist us in making a determination as to whether the country is on the path which it ought to be," Mr. Campbell lamented. 

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