PAAC raises questions about Petrojam's $97m perimeter wall

Petrojam's Telroy Morgan and PAAC Chairman Dr. Wykeham McNeill
Questions remain about how the cost of a perimeter wall at Petrojam which was initially estimated at $30 million ballooned to more than $90 million.
It was one of several issues raised during Wednesday's meeting of Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC).
Opposition member of the committee Phillip Paulwell, said he had been told the initial estimate was from the National Works Agency (NWA).  
Telroy Morgan, Acting Manager of Refinery Optimization and Business Support, explained that Petrojam also had its own initial estimate of  $45 million. 
However, he said changes in the scope of work, such as an additional wall run, automated gate system, fencing, and reinforcement led to increases in the estimate.
Mr. Morgan disclosed that the project ended up costing $96.8 million, an approximate $20 million difference from the final estimated cost of $76.3 million.
PAAC Chairman Dr. Wykeham McNeill, said Petrojam's management needed to provide more answers. 

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