PAHO calls for more laws to improve road safety

A new report by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has called for more laws to improve road safety in the Americas, including the Caribbean. 
According to the report, countries in the region of the Americas have made progress on road safety throughout the last decade.
However, the report said reforms are still needed to improve laws on speed limits and the mandatory use of seat belts and motorcycle helmets. 
PAHO said these are the conclusions of the final report on the Plan of  Action on Road Safety (2012-2017), submitted this week to member-countries. 
The Plan, adopted in 2011 to address the need to improve road safety, established a series of guidelines for health sector actions and initiatives to prevent road traffic injuries.
Road crashes kill about 154,000 people in the Americas annually.
PAHO said road traffic injuries are a public health problem that place a heavy burden on health systems. 

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