Parent 'disgusted' by incident at Duckenfield Primary in which children were given unprescribed pills

Parent's voice is distorted to protect her identity
The parent of one of the students who fell ill at Duckenfield Primary School in St. Thomas last week after being given unprescribed pills has said she is disgusted by the incident.
The pills were reportedly given to the students by a man who was previously employed at the school.
The parent, who spoke with RJR News on Thursday, raised concern about the long term effect the pills might have on her child.
The students, who are being treated at Princess Margaret Hospital, were said to be suffering from an internal fever. 
They have been instructed to undergo another blood test to pinpoint what specifically is wrong. 
The parent said her child was tricked into taking the pills. 
It is reported that the children were told the pills were vitamins that would increase their speed.
Brandon McIntosh, the man listed by the Morant Bay Criminal Investigation Branch as a person of interest in relation to incident, failed to meet the deadline to report to police by midday on Thursday. 

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