Parents protest slow police response to robberies at Holland Primary School

Parent Paul Vassel and George Powell, Councillor for the Lacovia Division
Parents of students at Holland Primary School on Monday morning staged a peaceful protest along Holland Bamboo avenue over the slow action by police officers to apprehend the persons who continue to rob the school.
Parents and teachers at the institution say the school has been broken into five times since October last year.
The parents and teachers say they are now desperate to have the situation corrected as the students are approaching the annual Grade Six Acheivement Test (GSAT).
Parent Paul Vassel said students have to stay away from classes as there is no food to serve to them.
"There is nothing on the school premises for the student dem to eat. So what must we do now? What must the parents dem do? Eh? We are calling on the Lacovia Police, start to act and stop the sleeping!" he chided.  
George Powell, Councillor for the Lacovia Division, said the situation has got out of hand.
"I don't know what is left for them to take now, they have cleaned the school out over and over... It's out of hand and we really need something to be done. These perpetrators cyah be far away, they must be close by and can be known by somebody; it's for the police to get more vigilant in their investigation," he urged. 

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