Passengers recount frightening experience after Fly Jamaica mishap

Passengers on Fly Jamaica plane that made an emergency landing in Guyana Friday morning, as well as Nari Williams Singh, Director General of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority
Passengers have been recounting their terrifying experience following Friday morning's crash landing of a Fly Jamaica plane at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana.
Six passengers suffered non-life threatening injuries when the Canada-bound plane returned shortly after take-off outside of Guyana's capital, Georgetown.
The Boeing 757, carrying 128 people, including two infants, returned after experiencing hydraulic problems.
A spokesman for the airline said it suffered an accident on landing, but all 120 passengers and eight crew were safe.
Guyana's Transportation Minister David Patterson said those hurt in the incident had been taken to hospital.
"I am very shaken and very nervous, and just lot of emotions going through me," said one of the passengers who was interviewed by CBC News in Canada. 
He said the flight had been scheduled to leave at 1:30 but there was an issue with one of the plane's doors, which took another 45 minutes for the maintenance crew to address. 
"Once we got cleared to take off, we flew about 10-15 minutes in the air just over the Atlantic Ocean and we were circling around a few times, I noticed, and the captain announced there was some hydraulic issue... (and) he has to return to the airport," the man recounted. 
He said there was another close shave after the plane landed. 
"When we landed on the ground, the wheels were still spinning, they were not breaking. There was no hydraulic breaks to break the wheels for stopping and then we overshot the runway, and at the end, there was a whole bunch of spikes and we got about two flat tires or three tires were blown out and the pane shifted to the right."
"One of the wings came apart and the engine on the right side actually flipped over and we crashed into a big side-pile at an edge of a cliff... If we had 10 more feet, we would have been down in the ditch, so it's a miracle over miracles," he declared.  
Another couple told News Source Guyana that the ordeal was frightening. 
"It is very, very scary. My wife is a sickly woman. Her medication is on the plane right now," said the husband.   
The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) will be assisting with the investigation into the Fly Jamaica mishap. 

Fly Jamaica Airways was certified by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) in September 2012, and was cleared to operate in the United States by US authorities in December.

On November 16, last year, the airline formed by a Guyanese businessman and three Jamaican shareholders, was given permission by the Guyana government to begin direct flights between Guyana and Cuba.


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