Petrojam denies being owed millions by fuel trader Aegean Marine

Petrojam's General Manager Winston Watson and Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell
State-run oil refinery Petrojam is denying claims that it is owed millions of US dollars by international trader of shipping fuel - Aegean Marine Petroleum Network - which filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday.
In an interview with RJR News Wednesday afternoon, Petrojam's General Manager Winston Watson said the refinery is owed far less.
He added that Petrojam will collect the current arrears.
During Tuesday's sitting of the House of Representatives, Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell demanded answers from the Government about whether Aegean Marine currently owes Petrojam US$3.1 million.
International media entities have also reported that Petrojam is among several unsecured creditors of Aegean Marine, which purchases bunker fuel from the refinery.
However, Mr. Watson has outlined that the company currently owes Petrojam just about US$350,000. 
Still, the Parliamentary Opposition has insisted that there remains confusion about Aegean Marine's arrears to Petrojam.
At a media briefing Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Paulwell noted that the matter is unclear because of the discrepancy between what is being reported internationally versus what has been reported by Petrojam's General Manager. 
He said because of the great variance between the figures, the government needs to clarify what the true sum is. 

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