Petrojam oil losses caused by several factors, says former general manager

Howard Mollison, former general manager of Petrojam
A former general manager of Petrojam says several factors could have contributed to the significant loss of oil imported by the State-run oil refinery.
Auditor General, Pamela Monroe Ellis, has found that the losses, which amount to billions of dollars, pose a major risk to Petrojam's operations, despite the company spending more than $124 million on loss reduction measures.
Howard Mollison was the General Manager of Petrojam from February 2015 to July 2016.
He said the reasons for the loss of oil could range from human error to things that could not have been controlled by Petrojam. 
listed poor measurement practices as a possible cause of the losses.
"Some of it has to do with simple leaks, some of it is when you have oil spill, some of it is evaporation and some of it actually is just straight poor measurement practices by the staff," he asserted.  
He was speaking Friday on RJR's call in programme, Hotline.

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