Petrojam's GM latest casualty of changes at the refinery

General Manager of  Petrojam, Floyd Grindley, is the first official at the state-run oil refinery to become a casualty of  the growing list of  allegations of  corruption, financial mismanagement and cronyism.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness has indicated that more changes to Petrojam's management are coming.
The disclosure was made by Mr. Holness during another statement on the Petrojam controversy in the House of  Representatives yesterday evening.
He said Mr. Grindley was separated from the job following discussions with the new Petrojam board.  He indicated that he has remained separated from the process  of disengagement and will need further information
Last week scores of  workers at Petrojam staged a protest demanding that Mr. Grindley and the Human Resources Manager, Yolande Ramharrack, be sacked. Mr. Holness yesterday said questions about whether Ms Ramharrack will be fired were unfair.

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