'Pink eye' outbreak at May Pen lock-up

Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron Powell
The Clarendon Health Department had to be called in on Friday at the May Pen Police Station to treat more than one dozen prisoners with symptoms of conjunctivitis or 'pink eye'.
Prisoners and workers at the station have reportedly been showing symptoms of the virus over the last few days. 
This was confirmed by Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron Powell, head of the Clarendon Police Division.
"We (had) realised that 13 of our prisoners started showing signs of redness in their eyes, so we called on our medical personnel at the May Pen Hospital and health centre," she explained. 
Superintendent Cameron Powell added that measures are being implemented to contain the spread of the virus.
"We have over 50 prisoners in May Pen lock-up and we have isolated the we are hoping that based on what the medical personnel did this morning, we will be able to see a level of control and not a situation where conjuctivitis, as they have diagnosed, will be spreading to other persons inside the lock-up," she declared.  

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