PM contemplates criminal sanctions from Petrojam scandal

There is a possibility that criminal sanctions could emerge arising from the deepening Petrojam scandal.

Director of  Communications in the Office of  the Prime Minister, Robert Morgan, has indicated that it is under serious consideration by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

This latest development follows the tabling of  a report by the Auditor General highlighting glaring breaches of  procurement procedures, nepotism and wasteful spending at the state entity. 

Holness received the report yesterday and has promised to speak soon on the matter.

Morgan   disclosed that the Prime Minister has identified some urgent aspects of  the report which require action, adding that he is not ruling out a forensic audit to determine whether criminal liability exists.

“That is something that is under deep consideration and that is something that the Prime minister is thinking about. But he would not give a definitive response as to what he is thinking about until he has read the full report.”

Morgan, who was a guest on Beyond the Headlines, however, could not give a time line for this determination, but has suggested where the matter will be addressed.

Meanwhile,  another major area which may receive early focus is the issue of  Petrojam's pricing mechanism.

Questions were raised in the Auditor General's report whether the process was transparent.

“They were  very clear on the issue of how people are being charged for petrol which is something that is of great concern to us and this is something that we are going to have to do an investigation of. The government is a consumer of petrol and businesses consume petrol and if it is that the mechanism by which citizens are charged for petrol is not transparent and not fair, then it will have an impact on our country….” Morgan stated.  


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