PM urged to appoint Minister of Works to oversee road projects

Mikael Phillips
The Parliamentary Opposition is calling for the Prime Minister to appoint a Minister of Works to manage road projects across the country.
Speaking at Tuesday's media briefing, Opposition Spokesman on Works Mikael Phillips said the Prime Minister is not able to adequately manage the scope of the road projects. 
"We cannot have an agency such as the National Works Agency spending billions of US dollars on projects now in the pipeline and projects to come and the Prime Minister, who has many other issues dealing with, not being able to give the attention to the National Works Agency and infrastructure projects that is being carried out across the island," he reasoned.  
Mr. Phillips pointed out that, though there is currently a state minister who works with the Prime Minister, the projects require the oversight of a full-fledged minister to ensure there is coordination between agencies involved in the road projects.

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