PNP calls for Political Ombudsman to be given more power

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson
The People's National Party (PNP) has renewed its call for legislative changes to give the Office of the Political Ombudsman more power.
This comes in the wake of the Ombudsman urging the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) to halt unauthorised infrastructural projects in the Portland Eastern constituency as campaigning intensifies ahead of the April 4 by-election.
Matthew Samuda, Chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party's Public Relations Committee, said the Ombudsman's concerns are unwarranted.
PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson said the issue has again brought into sharp focus the need for the Political Ombudsman (Interim) Act to be strengthened.
"I think we have to look at the powers of the office and provide the office with the requisite authority to deal with issues like this because, quite frankly, she has no legislative authority or otherwise to prevent them from continuing," he said against the background of the issues highlighted in Portland Eastern. 
Mr. Robinson argued that the Office should be able to enforce directives and not just make recommendations or use "moral suasion" to get public support. 

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