PNP calls for probe into issues which led to Orrette Fisher's resignation from ECJ

Julian Robinson in an interview with Dionne Jackson Miller on Monday
People's National Party members of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) are calling for an urgent investigation into issues which led to the resignation of former director of elections Orrette Fisher.
The call from Julian Robinson and Wensworth Skeffery follows publication of Mr. Fisher's resignation letter and two others written to the Dorothy Pine-McLarty, Chairman of the ECJ, indicating instances of political interference at the Commission.
ECJ commissioner Julian Robinson says he and Mr. Skeffery only saw the letters on May 16.
"When Mr. Fisher resigned, there was a media report that Mr. Fisher had said there was a political interferance at the EOJ. But we neither saw the letter that he sent to members of the EOJ, neither did we see his resignation letter. So the ECJ's statement on May 3rd was addressing what was in the media that there was political interference at the EOJ. Now having both the resignation letter and the two other statements, we believe the context is totally different from what we were aware of," he explained. 
Having now reviewed them, Mr. Robinson said he and Mr. Skeffery are withdrawing their support for the statement issued by the ECJ on May 13 this year.
Both Mr. Robinson and Mr. Skeffery say since joining the Commission, they have seen and witnessed firsthand behaviour from a Commissioner that they viewed as disrespectful, abusive and hostile to Mr. Fisher and other members of the ECJ, including independent members.
In the release, the commissioners say on these occasions they both challenged the commissioner in question and sought the intervention of the chairman and other independent members to restore decorum.
Mr. Robinson added that the independent commissioners must now assert their leadership within the ECJ to respond appropriately and address the conduct of the particular commissioner whose decorum has been brought into question. 

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