PNP campaign finance scandal deepens

The campaign funds scandal rocking the People's National Party (PNP) could implicate more members of the party than previously thought.
RJR News has obtained details on the disbursement of campaign donations.
For the last few weeks, the PNP has been hit by a scandal in which four or five senior party members were said to have collected funds for the recent general election campaign from corporate donors and either kept part or all of the funds, instead of putting it into the party treasury.
A source told RJR News that those who received the money were ready to turn it over, but declined to do so. The source said a member of the cabinet received US$5 million from a foreign country to conduct the campaign for the election. However, the money was given to another senior member of the party, who handed over a portion to the treasury and kept between US$1.5 million and US$2 million of the amount.
Our news centre was also told that none of the funds was paid by the Chinese. Instead, other sums to the PNP came from a local company. The local company also made payments to the JLP. 
Further to that, RJR News was told that while most of the money the PNP received did not go to the central treasury, some was distributed among members of the party.
According to the source, only a few members of the last cabinet did not receive any of the sums.
The PNP has declared that it will not make any further comment on the campaign funds scandal. In a statement on Monday evening, it said given the investigation by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG), the Integrity Commission of the party will suspend its planned probe into the matter.

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