PNP formally complains to OCG about controversial road programme.

The Office of the Contractor General (OCG) says it has received a formal complaint from the People's National Party (PNP) about the government's controversial multi-billion dollar road rehabilitation programme.
Contractor General Dirk Harrison told RJR News that he has received a letter from the party and is now in the process of reviewing the complaints outlined in the document. Mr Harrison declined to state whether he will be launching an investigation into the matter.
Tension has been rising between the PNP and the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) over the distribution of contracts under the $3.2 billion road rehabilitation project. The initiative is being implemented by the National Works Agency in 11 parishes.  
The PNP wants the OCG and the Political Ombudsman to launch a probe into the project. The party claims that, of the billions of dollars earmarked to be spent, only $190 million has been allocated to Members of Parliament in two PNP controlled constituencies.
The PNP is alleging that the $2.8 billion that has been allocated in 24 seats represented by the Jamaica Labour Party.
De-bushing report
In the meantime, the Contractor General says his investigation into the government's controversial de-bushing programme, is near completion.
Mr. Harrison told RJR News that he is now awaiting the outcome of a court action taken by one of the Contractors in order for him to complete his report.
The Contractor General has been investigating the awarding of contracts in the controversial $600 million de-bushing programme.
However, the probe has been stalled after one of the contractors, Vincent Taylor, filed a constitutional motion challenging the powers of the Contractor General.
Mr. Taylor's company, Construction Solutions, initiated proceedings in the Supreme Court in February challenging the authority of the Contractor General to request information on his personal financial affairs as part of the probe into the de-bushing programme.   
The OCG has requested that Mr. Taylor supply information on the use of money he received from the NWA under the project.
However, the attorneys for Mr. Taylor contend that the request is a serious breach of his constitutional right to privacy.
The attorneys argued that OCG cannot request information on Mr. Taylor's finances after the NWA made the payments and certified that the company had fulfilled its contract.
The matter is to be heard on May 1.

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