PNP loss in Portland Eastern would be indictment on Peter Phillips - lecturer

Damion Gordon, Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Government at the UWI, Mona
As the countdown continues to the April 4 by-election in Portland Eastern, Damion Gordon, Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies, Mona, says a defeat for the PNP would be an indictment on the leadership of its president, Dr. Peter Phillips.
Mr. Gordon asserts that the PNP would find itself in a precarious position if Mr. Crawford loses.
"It's obvious in the fact that they've sent Damion (Crawford) there that they're not taking anything for granted because this is a must win seat for the People's National Party and for Peter Phillips's electability in the next general election as well. So a lot rests on the outcome of East Portland," he indicated. 
Speaking on TVJ's Smile Jamaica Monday morning, Mr. Gordon said Mr. Crawford may face a challenge with his message of long term economic solutions for the constituency, as Mrs Vaz's message of  help now is more appealing.
"I think that of the 50-odd years of promises unfulfilled, many people have lost faith in politicians to deliver, and as such the politician that comes with benefits now, that put something in their hands are the politicians that many persons are gravitating to, in the absence of any assurance that politicians will deliver on many of the promises that they make," Mr. Gordon explained. 
But he admitted that both candidates have strengths that could help them secure victory in the election. 
"I think that Ann Marie Vaz is the ideal candidate for the Jamaica Labour Party on account of the fact that she has been there for a while, she has been working, she seems to fairly well loved. But Damion on the other hand...his appeal (transcends) all demographics and especially for the youth groups that the party wants to capture. His message is particularly appealing to that demographic," he asserted. 

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