PNP seeking court decision on whether security guards are workers or private contractors

Horace Dalley
The Parliamentary Opposition has signalled its intention to head to court to determine whether security guards are workers or private contractors. 
Opposition Spokesman on Labour Horace Dalley says there has been a longstanding position by some companies that guards are private contractors.
In making his contribution to the 2018/2019 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on Monday, Mr. Dalley said security guards do not receive certain benefits as other types of workers because they are seen as private contractors.
"There are approximately 27,000 to 30,000 registered guards in Jamaica. This group of workers who we see every day, every night performing their duties in thousands of locations all over Jamaica, have no maturnity, no pension, no timeoff, no vacation leave, and in fact, if they take off a day to go to their child's school, they lose the time; if they take off a day to go and visit their family in the hospital, they lose the time," Mr. Dalley outlined. 
He said there has been a movement among security guards to form a national lobby group and the if the move is successful, the Opposition would "welcome it as a legitimate entity representing the interest of the guards."
Security guards are the only group of workers in Jamaica that do not have a national association, he noted. 
"The Opposition will be going to court to seek a declaratory judgement to determine whether our security guards are contractors or workers. This group of workers cannot continue to suffer any longer and the People's National Party pledge to resolve this issue once and for all," Mr. Dalley declared.  

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