PNP will lose next general election regardless of leadership challenge - Ashley

Political commentator Dr. Paul Ashley
Political commentator Dr. Paul Ashley has weighed in on the impending leadership challenge in the People's National Party (PNP), saying that it will not save the PNP from being defeated in the next general election. 
In an interview with RJR News, Dr. Ashley asserted that Manchester Central Member of Parliament Peter Bunting's challenge to Dr. Peter Phillips for the presidency may be necessary, but not sufficient. 
Dr. Ashley argued that Mr. Bunting will not have enough time to turn around the fortunes of the PNP to be successful at the polls, therefore the challenge may only serve to mitigate their loss. 
"The scientific polling of Don Anderson shows that Peter Phillips is way behind in popularity to Andrew Holness, significantly at this time. You have less than a year to go; I don't see other than probably a turbo Obeah man coming to revive, revitalise, re-energise the PNP to such an extent that it can win the general election," he asserted.  
Dr. Ashley believes Mr. Bunting will be better able to attract more young voters than Dr. Phillips. 
He noted that while Dr. Phillips has been to the forefront of the PNP for many years, "he probably doesn't have the energy, the style, or the temperament to deal with people in their 20s, 30s." 

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