Police claimiming success in locations under states of emergency

The Police High Command says it is making progress in crime control in the communities covered by the states of emergency in the western parishes of Westmoreland, Hanover, and St James, and in the St Andrew South police division, in the Corporate Area.

More than 30 illegal guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been seized since the SOEs were declared in the three western parishes in April and in St Andrew South in July.

Data obtained by RJR News show that 22 illegal guns and 3681 rounds of ammunition have been seized by the security forces in St James since April. Four men, who were wanted for serious crimes, have also been arrested and charged.

In Westmoreland, 12 illegal guns and 52 rounds of ammunition have been seized and five wanted persons arrested since the State of Emergency was imposed. The data show that a total of 30 illegal guns and 334 rounds of ammunition have been seized in the parish since January.

In Hanover, two illegal firearms and three rounds of ammunition have been seized.

A total of 1365 persons were detained and processed in the three parishes.

In the St. Andrew South division seven illegal firearms and 107 rounds of ammunition have been seized, while 953 persons were processed and 46 of them detained.


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