Police Commissioner accepts internal findings which clear police of wrongdoing in 2010 security operation

Police Commissioner George Quallo and Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry


Police Commissioner George Quallo is calling for public feedback on the findings of the JCF administrative review into the conduct of five police officers during the May 2010 security operation in Tivoli Gardens.

The administrative review cleared the cops of wrongdoing.

Mr. Quallo is maintaining that he accepts the report but that public assessment is also needed.

Addressing a Rotary Club luncheon in Kingston on Thursday, he stressed that “the report is there for all members inside here to read it and they can come to their own conclusion.”

The Commissioner admitted that he had only read the report “in part” but said he accepted its findings.

He said he will welcome the responses of members of the public when they have read the report themselves.

Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry has demanded that the Jamaica Constabulary Force withdraw the report on the administrative review.

She also wants the intervention of the Attorney General.

The Public Defender adde, in an interview with RJR News, that the findings of the administrative review raise questions about the need for an apology and compensation.

“What would be the foundation on which we’d offer (compensation) to those citizens who have suffered loss, whose rights have been violated,” she asked.

Furthermore, she questioned the basis on which the prime minister would be offering a public apology in Parliament, as he has promised to do, in keeping with the recommendation of the Commission of Enquiry into the security operation.

“The time has surely come to usher in a radical new culture in the operations of the security forces, a culture that provides for greater transparency and accountability,” she declared.



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