Police Commissioner not happy with images of officers on JLP campaign material.

Police Commissioner, Dr Carl Williams is taking issue with images of members of  the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) being used in campaign paraphernalia for the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

A statement from the JCF's communication arm said a photograph on the Force's Facebook page in 2012 – has been manipulated to present the impression that the five on-duty officers are a part of  the JLP’s campaign.

Williams says the use of the images of the officers is an unfortunate and deceitful act.

He further stated that it places the five police officers, who did not authorise the use of  their photograph in this manner, in an uncomfortable position and at risk of unnecessary negative attention, especially during this election period.
Williams said the creation and publication of the material in no way define the political position of the JCF or the officers in question.
And the Inspectorate of Constabulary has been called on to ensure professional conduct is adhered to by all Officers on duty during this election period.
The Inspectorate will monitor the general professionalism of members of the Force on Election Day as well as investigate any reports of police misconduct or unprofessional behaviour.
The Police High Command says any officer acting counter to rules of operations will be severely dealt with.
It is therefore appealing to members to desist from overt expressions of support for one party or another.

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