Police confirm almost 900 murdered so far this year

Additional data from the police have confirmed an RJR News report on Tuesday that almost 900 murders have been recorded in Jamaica since the start of the year.
The figure has reached 893, with June having the highest number of killings.
National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) figures show that 157 people were murdered in June, while 138 murders were recorded in May, 136 in July, 123 in January, 118 in March, 109 in April, and 86 in February.
For August, 26 persons have been killed up to Monday of this week.
The NIB said the year-to-date increase in murders was 159 or 21.7 per cent higher when compared to the same period last year.  
The figures show that the highest number of murders – 117 – were reported in St. James, followed by Westmoreland with 85; Clarendon with 84; St. Andrew South, 76; St. Catherine North, 75; Kingston West, 59 and St. Catherine South, 56.  
Last year, Jamaica recorded 1,350 murders, with the police claiming that 65 per cent were gang related.

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